Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day #2 Worlds

I have added pictures to the Team Gallery.. link is to the right.

Here we go...

Colin and Ethan were first up and headed out to the Henley airfield for some early practice. Michi and Will followed shortly after breakfast.  We were slightly more leisurely and arrived around 8:30 to check on the guys. They had already left for the main flying site so we headed up to Site 2 in preparation of Ethan's second P-13 round.

The usual plane assembly program was underway and once completed they moved to the second ready box as Ethan is second up this morning at 9:09 am.

Colin, Ethan, Will and Chad watch the action.
The demo flights were before the start time today and it started right at 9 am as advertised.

The usual battery check was undertaken and then sound also checked before Ethan was cleared to go. Due to the shift in wind the sound check area is a long way from the set down position so there was an "accommodation" made to allow for the extra time needed.

Ethan took to the skies and had a pretty solid round. He made some adjustments in several maneuvers and executed them well. He ended up with a 405.40 score!

Colin was the next Canadian pilot up and he repeated the preflight procedures then took to the skies. He flew well and only had some minor  centering issues as the winds were much lighter than we have been experiencing. Colin scored a 419.20 in front of panel #2. We are trending upwards :-)

Michi was next and his flight was much better than yesterday's round. He made some minor rolling errors and although he was a bit throttle happy he scored a 424.20
Another good score from the #2 judging panel! We will take it and build towards flight #3 tomorrow.
Michi's fleet prepared for winds!
Will and Michi ready to go.
Flight line.
Lassi Nurila of Finland asked if I could help him with his plane for the sound check etc. He is all by himself here and I had some free time.  Reto Schumacher was following Lassi and we had a good look at the citrin repair after hitting the barrier.  The repair worked and it was back in action.
It stayed together!
As Chad flies much later this afternoon he headed to Henley to fly some practice rounds while we went  over to the main building and checked scores and grabbed a bite to eat.

We grab some burgers and headed out to the Henley field to see Chad & Agnes. He was flying as we arrived and we watched several others pound through P-13.

We noticed a group of people at the north flying site and also a tow truck. It hooked up to a car and took it away. As it drove by it appeared to have been struck by some sort of animal that damaged the radiator.  Rumors swirled that one of the US team entourage had been hit by an animal while the car was parked? Perhaps Mark Atwood can fill in the comment section with details?

Back we went to the main site for Chad's flight.  It too was at the #2 site and after doing the assembly, voltage & sound testing he took off. A very solid start with a bit of a soft spin entry but pretty good all around.  Chad's scored a 432.80
Chad gets his batteries checked.
Ready to go!
Joseph Szczur's Pegasus

We once gain went back to the practice site (see a trend here?) and met up with the guys. The sun was starting to set so we headed home to clean up and go for dinner. As the Henley Arms was closed on Mondays we went to Spur Family Restaurant, pretty much like a Montana's back home. Lots of kids though! The US team and supporters were also there this evening!

Back home it was time to blog, relax and socialize (talk airplanes etc) and then off to the rack.

Round 3 of P-13 on deck for tomorrow.

Round two of four. Remember that until everyone flies in front of each of four panels it's just a good guess who is where. It will start to flesh out after tomorrow.

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