Thursday, August 15, 2013

Practice Day #3 Thursday

The routine ground hog day! :-) Shower, breakfast at the guest house,  load up and convoy out the gate.

A little humor... About 4 am an alarm was heard way off in the distance... Michi, ever worried about his safety, immediately thought that someone was breaking into their van. He got dressed and woke Will up. Now Will is out cold in deep slumber. He wakes up and, after getting one shoe on suddenly stops, looks at Michi and says "We don't have an alarm in our Van" and went back to his room and shut the door. We think Michi went back to bed as well but we are not sure.

Today we stopped at Bob's Hobbies for introductions and to pick up some Velcro for the new packs.  Bob was very happy to meet the team and Kelly loved the two little dogs that roam the premises. After a short visit we were on our way. Numerous teams were already in action at the practice site with Korea, China, Finland, Chinese Taipei all hard at it and our team quickly joined in.

Numerous other teams arrived with Brazil, Russia and Switzerland also looking for a site. The Swiss and Russian teams both moved to the flying site just behind our flight line.

Chad speaks with Yang about the Axiome and the design changes for his "next" airframe.

Kelly, Agnes and I headed over to Team USA's guest house. Kelly took on the driving duties and did a great job! We met up with Bernhardt at the Plaaskombuis Country Estates guest  house and exchanged a "special" prop for some Thunder Power batteries that came with the US shipment.

I wanted to visit the Riverside Sun Resort (site of the managers meeting, welcome cocktail party and  banquet) in daylight hours so we headed over to the three rivers area. The route was longer than I thought it would be but we eventually found it. Had a quick look around and then used the GPS for the fastest route back to the flying site.  Ah technology!
Kelly and Agnes enjoy the early morning sun. By 10 o'clock the jackets were off!
Back at the field the guys were hard at it and we had a nice lunch on site with food we had brought.  Yes we have a red & white cooler!  Kelly and Agnes headed to the mall and local shops for a look see and to pick up some dinner for the team.

Yang with the Asyuler
We continued to practice and had the pleasure of flying with Wolfgang Matt who stopped in for a round with his Oxai Citrin. Lots of onlookers watched his flight.

Michi made some C/G changes and was doing some trim flights. Winds were gusty so he will leave the fine tuning to the calmer morning.
Michi does some radio work.
Team Canada's common living room and dinning room.
We are having a team Braai (BBQ) tonight at our Manor House. They have a big BBQ and we know how to use it!! It was a pot luck kind of deal with all sorts of meats thrown on. Potatoes and Maize with Pap Sauce... very good
It's BBQ night at the Team Canada Manor House.

Dave mans the grill. 

Dinner! Can you spot Chad?


  1. So how are you enjoying my homeland? All your pictures are making me homesick! And the braai? Torture!!!

    1. Hi Derek

      The people have been very hospitable and friendly. Our Host Joan at the Village Manor House has been fantastic at making sure our needs are met. The braai was very good but we need to experiment more :-) with the different meats that are available here. To torture you a little more we had lamb, beef, Moroccan chicken, pork ribs and bacon lollies! The chef at the Village Guest house sent over the big bowl of traditional maize and pap sauce. Everyone enjoyed it!

  2. Following from Costa Rica.
    Pura vida Will!!
    Cheers, Alfred

  3. Hola Alfred
    Espero que todo este bien por alla. Las practicas van bien, el grupo esta bien preparado. Saludes desde South Africa!


  4. *Translation

    Hi Alfred,
    I hope everything is going well, the practices are going well also. The team is well prepared.

    Greetings from South Africa.