Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day #5 Worlds "Rain Day"

FYI This day is used in case we had a rain delay during the contest and had to make up some flying. We had smoke, haze, wind and dust... but no rain :-) Trust me, every pilot that made the semi-finals was out practicing F-13 and some unknowns.

A relaxing morning as there are no major commitments today. No flight lines to be at or any rushing around.  After the last four days this is most welcome.

We had a nice breakfast and Will, Colin, Ethan and Michi left for a tour around a game park.  Our chef Adele offered to drive them around on the only free day they have here.

Kelly and I stopped at Bob's Hobbies to say hello while Agnes and Chad headed to the Henley field a few minutes away. There were numerous pilots flying at the south site with Chad. Juan Rombaut, Sabastiano Silvestri, Wolfgang Matt,  Markus Zeiner, Lassi Nurila, Andre Stockwell, Reston Duore and Helmet Danksagmuller all took turns flying.  Some folks left and the rotation went pretty quickly.
Practice session at Henley field.

Andre Stockwell's Visa
Roston Dugmore's Peridot
It was good to see the F schedule being flown by different guys as there are several variations in presentations. You can learn what looks good and conversely what doesn't without getting out of your chair :-)

Red Bull Citrin of Markus Zeiner
Helmet Danksagmuller's Andastra
We snacked on some lamb from our braai the other night and it was delicious. Chad put in numerous rounds and then Kelly and I decided to get some "team" work done. We headed over to the main contest site to pick up some paper copies of the flight order for Friday. The place was locked up tight as the staff deserved a welcome day off I am sure. We checked out the portable cash machine and the satellite up-link for the wireless system.
Kelly demo's the portable bank machine on site... that is the satellite up-link for the wireless system.
We also grabbed a couple geocaches in the area before returning back to the Henley field one last time today. Chad was working on a couple elements to his flight that we had identified and it was looking very nice. He was done for the day.
Chad before the last practice flight today.
At home we met up with the other guys after their trip to the lion's den. They all survived the trip!

Ethan, Colin, Sleeping Lion, Michi and Will at the Game Park
 Dinner was at The Cafe Blue again and then back to the house to relax and unwind... everyone is tired and after a piece of carrot cake we all retired for the evening.

 Semi finals start tomorrow with Chad as our lone Canadian competitor. Off to bed

They set the grass on fire to revitalize the soil.
Judges & Staff with demo pilots. They watched F-13 today.

Semi Final Roster
Mark Rubin's plane on the backside of the rolling eight at Henley field (above us)

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