Monday, August 12, 2013

We made it... almost!

Touched down in Johannesburg at 0642 local time. A gorgeous sunrise greeted us on approach to the airport.

It took a while to unload the plane as it was pretty full. Off through Immigration and Customs then to the baggage carousel... no planes as we expected. Michi's bag was also missing. The next flight in was in just under two hours so we waited until it arrived.

Planes arrived at 09:40 local and we headed for the car rental kiosks... no Michi bag but it will be delivered Tuesday afternoon!

We had planned to travel together but the vans were parked on a different floor so Kelly and I head out on our own with the Tomtom guiding us. Chad and Will both had GPS's as well and I gave Colin written directions in case they got seperated.

The drive out to Henley was straight forward and after a bit of searching we found our accommodation. The Village Guest House (VGH) is a nice bed & breakfast that also has the Manor House on the adjacent property. This has individual rooms along with kitchen facilities and common area.

We headed out and after a bit of searching around found the Cafe Blue that was recommended by Adele our Chef  at the VGH. It was very good and a nice lunch. Following lunch several pilots headed back to assemble planes while we took a trip to the local Pick & Pay Store. Collectively we grabbed some stuff for the fridge and some lunch making supplies, water etc.

Plane assembly was going at full tilt and then it was off to Dinner at the VGH. I had arrange to have a team meal as the long trip was starting to take it's toll. Dinner was very good and then it was lights out for everyone.

At JNB Airport with... no planes!

Thank heavens the next flight was 2 hours. Planes arrived!

Kelly works Security Detail

One part of the Village Guest House.

Chad puts his planes together.

Michi in assembly mode as well.


  1. Nice to see you got vans this time! Awesome.

    1. Yes lots of room for the planes... and no seats to remove!!

  2. You all have jackets on. Is it cold??

    1. Yes the morning have been chilly. About 4C or so but it warms up quickly here.... aside from the wind today the car showed 21C.