Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Practice Day #2 Wednesday

The team is slowly getting use to the time change so everyone managed to make breakfast this morning. Our routine is starting to set in and we were soon off to the flying field en mass. A quick stop for lip balm (bought out the store LOL) and we were set. 

Michi knows how to recycle!
Planes going together.

Shlomi and Masayo were there along with Finland's Lassi Nurila.  Several other teams arrived during the morning with Korea and Chinese Taipei.

Austria's Gerhard Mayer and his dad arrived and scouted out the flying site although they did not stay. Not sure if teams are reluctant to spend the landing fee of 50 Rand per pilot?
We also heard through the Italian junior Mazzuccheli lost his "B" plane due to shipping damage. Reports indicate it was damaged beyond repair.

Michi's charge station in action.
Flight Line.

Agnes catches the action.
Team Photo Practice :-)
We headed back to the Village Guest House and decide to do a shopping trip and scout out the area. Kelly, Agnes, Chad and myself went to the local Pick & Pay and got more water, food supplies and some firewood for our fireplace (Still cool in the evening). After that we cruised down to the US Team's accommodation as they have some batteries for us. They were not back from practice yet but we made arrangements to pick them up in the morning.

We went by the Worlds flying site and had a look around and a short visit with some of the staff. Looks like they are well prepared for the event.

Back home for dinner and a nice visit afterwards. Lots of shop talk with the guys as the gals stared at their I-pads with glazed over eyes. :-)

Off to the rack.

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